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God’s Spirit has bound us together as brothers and sisters, but compassion compelled us to come together for the cause of the hungry, the hurting, and the lost. The Ethiopian crisis only brought to our attention the need for brotherhood to come shining through. It was for this cause that 120 United Pentecostal Church artists were selected to come together to give of their time and energy. It became an all night event at the Sumet-Bernet Studios in Dallas, Texas, October 11, 1985, and will be a highlight of the lives for those who were involved. We felt God’s anointing and blessing as we recorded the song. Lanny Wolfe

Songs and artists include:

1) Together, We Can Make A Difference (The “Together Project” choir)
2) Move Me With Compassion (The Lanny Wolfe Trio)
3) He Won’t Give Up Easy (Dan Dean & Lori Carouthers)
4) Something About My Praise (Davis/Pedigo)
5) Beyond The Sounds Of Battle (Murrell Ewing)
6) What A Friend (Tammy Trout & Doug Davis) 7) Give A Little Of Yourself (Nancy Grandquist)
8) To The Glory Of Our God (Richard Gazowsky)
9) Let Me Remember (Marietta Wolfe)

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