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Key of Db Major, 2 pages: Arranged for Sop, Alto, and Tenor (SAT) (or Sop, Sop, Alto-SSA). Includes chorus and verses, chords, and piano accompaniment. Arrangement matches the demo as perfrom by the Lanny Wolfe Trio on the project “Have A Nice Day” #30602 (Lanny Wolfe Trio Studio projects) and can be incorporated with the stereo instrumental track #30602J (Accompaniment Soundtracks). Both verses are arranged for solo and the chorus is arranged for either SAT or (SSA vocals). The entire arrangement could be sung by a soloist, a praise team of SAT vocals, or a choir using SAT vocals with no bass line. The vocals in the chorus keep the vocals in closed postion (the sop, alto, and tenor part never exceeds more than an octave) throughout. This arrangement is the same arrangement that is included in both #50101 The Lanny Wolfe Songbook (Fifty of His Finest) and #50401 Lanny Wolfe Songs for Trios, Vol III.

Though both arrangements are in the key of Db major, The Sheet Music format (#912442) differs from the Octavo format (#912440) in that the octavo arrangement would have SATB vocals instead of SAT and would depart from the trio arrangement vocal scoring in #912442 in that some of the scoring would change from closed position to open position (The Sop, Alto, and Tenor part would extend to more than an octave. And though the octavo arrangement can work over the Stereo Instrument Accompaniment Track (#30602J) the stereo instrumental Accompaniment Track works easier with the Sheet music arrangement #912442.

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