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The Lanny Wolfe Trio
Recorded “Live” at Jones Hall, Houston, TX #60102

1) God’s Wonderful People
2) Reprise
3) Jesus Is Still The Answer
4) Jesus Did It For Me
5) Only Jesus Can Satisfy Your Soul
6) Jesus Made A Believer Out Of Me
7) Jesus Will Be What Makes It Heaven For Me
8) The Joy That Jesus Gives
9) Introductions “Meeting Marietta”
10) I Keep Falling In Love With Him
11) Introduction of “I Love Him Too Much To Fail Him Now”
12) I Love Him Too Much To Fail Him Now

1) Come On, Let’s Praise Him
2) Reprise
3) There Is Just No Place Like Home
4) It’s A Wonderful feeling
5) Someday I’ll Walk On Gold
6) One Day Closer
7) Greater Is He That Is In Me
8) Introduction Of “There’s Something In The Air”
9) There’s Something In The Air
10) The Sounds Of His Coming/The King Is Coming
11) Introduction of “One Day Too Late”
12) One Day Too Late
13) The Year When Jesus Comes

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