Lanny & Marietta “The Early Years” – “Song In My Soul”


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Lanny & Marietta’s very first recording project! Along with Lanny & Marietta, Lanny’s sister, Sharon, comprised “The Wolfe Trio” and showcased several Lanny Wolfe Songs on this project including “Only Jesus Can Satisfy Your Soul.” The trio, along with the Calvary Apostolic Choir, Columbus, OH, recorded this project on location at the Calvary Apostolic Church. Your Lanny Wolfe/Lanny Wolfe Trio collection would not be complete without the debut project that would become a forerunner to many that would follow. Songs include: I’m More Determined, The Lord Is My Shepherd, Wasted Years, Peace Be Still, Unworthy, Afterwhile It Will All Be Over, Only Jesus Can Satisfy Your Soul, I Have A Long Way To Go, He Knows How Much We Can Bear, It Matters To Him About You, Joy, Great Joy, Heartaches

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