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JESUS, THE HEART OF CHRISTMAS Rehearsal Tracks consists of four master CD’s, one for Sopranos, one for Altos, one for Tenors, and one for Basses. For each section the specific choral part is bumped up in the mix so that choir members can listen to the rehearsal track for their section and hear their vocal part easily because it is at a greater volume mix compared to the other sections singing. A must for every choir regardless of whether the choir is a reading choir or a “teach by rote” choir. In most cases, most choir members hear better than they read the music, so this companion product helps to accelerate the learning process. In addition, if singing to a split track in the actual performance, listening to the rehearsal track can help the choir member get used to how long certain words in the arrangement are held by the support choir voices on the split track. CD’s are duplicated and distributed to choir members for their respective parts. NOTE: WARNING. A MECHANICAL LICENSE FEE IS REQUIRED TO DUPLICATE CD’S FROM THE MASTERS. A LICENSE IS INCLUDED IN THE PACKAGE AND NEEDS TO BE FILLED OUT WITH THE NUMBER OF CD’S DUPLICATED AND MULTIPLIED BY A SPECIFIED AMOUNT INDICATED ON THE LICENSE. A CHECK FOR THE AMOUNT OF UNITS DUPLICATED NEEDS TO BE SENT TO PARADIGM MUSIC PRODUCTIONS, P.O. BOX 1957, SUGAR LAND, TX 77478-1957

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