#991806B The Greatest Story split trax Set #991806 & #991806A


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Acc. Split Trax CD Set includes:
1-991806 (Acc. split trax CD (with internal indexes)
1-991806A (Acc. split trax CD (without internal indexes)
both for only $95.00 plus s/h

The Greatest Story Accompaniment Split Trax #991806 contains internal indexes that allow you to rehearse a certain section of a song rather than having to always start at the beginning of a song. These internal indexes are marked in the choral book with a CD logo with a number inside a circle within the CD logo.

The CD #991806 contains 68 such indexes even though there are a total of 14 songs and/or underscore entities in the project. When playing a certain song for performance, your CD player will move from one internal index to the next without any audible transition.

Newly-created Paradigm product #991806A contains 16 indexes, total and, because of its format, is useful to many directors for their performance rather than using the #991806 which has internal indexes. Incorporating only one index for an entire song makes it easier to manage if a director doesn’t want to include a particular song in the musical, rather than skipping over, for example, “x” number of indexes that would be included in the #991806 format. Moreover, included in the #991086A format is an edited split trax for “Rejoice With Exceeding Great Joy” which excludes the vamp section (measures #67-#97). This option allows the director the choice of using the original arrangement (Index #8) or the shorter, edited arrangement (Index #7). Format #991806A also includes the J-Mart underscore (Index #10) for the director’s convenience, if this skit is incorporated.

The ideal arrangement would be to purchase both #991806 and #991806A, using the 3991806 for rehearsal purposes and #991086A for performances. You may purchase both for only $95.00. Product # 991806B.

If you have previously purchased #991806 from Paradigm, you may order #991806A through the Paradigm Music Office for only $10.00 plus s/h using a credit card and either requesting an email order form from paradigmmusic@comcast.net or ordering by phone 281-772-2762.

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