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12 original narrations – Pgs 22, 34, 45, 49, 57, 74, 93, 104, 119, 125, 134, and 143 – (12 indexes in CD format) as heard on the Listening CD. Can be incorporated for performance with either “A Season, A Savior, A Star” split Traxs or Stereo Traxs. Split or Stereo Traxs would run into either one or two separate channels on the sound mixing board and the narrations would come from an external source (CD player or thumb drive) into the mixing board on a separate channel and each index would be added to the split trax or stereo trax mix at the appropriate times as indicated on the listening demo and/or choral book.

An option would be to use a) all recorded narrations with split or stereo instrumental trax accompaniment or, b) all recorded narrations with live accompaniment and/or orchestra, or c) some recorded narrations and some live.

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