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Set includes both the Listening CD ($15.00) plus the DVD of the premier performance of the project at the 3ABN Celebration Center, West Frankfort, IL ($15.00) both for only $25.00.
The Calvary project includes 13 songs about the cross and redemption and features six Lanny Wolfe songs including three new Lanny Wolfe co-writes – Gethsemane, Love Found A Way, It Was Love

How much closer we would be drawn to Christ if we spent a thoughtful hour each day, contemplating the sacrifice of Christ! 3ABN’s newest music project, Calvary — Love Found a Way, brings you to the foot of the cross as you contemplate the sacrifice of our Savior.

This album features familiar hymns and original songs written and co-written by legendary gospel songwriter Lanny Wolfe, Danny Shelton, Melody Shelton Firestone, and Reggie and Ladye Love Smith. Great for personal reflection and renewal, it’s also perfect for sharing the gift of salvation with others!

Songs include six Lanny Wolfe Songs –Precious Blood, Gethsemane, Love Found A Way, Precious Lamb Of God, Praise His Holy Name, It Was Love

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