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The split trax format has all the instrumental music on one channel of the trax and the choir support voices on the other. To regulate the balance between the two channels, you would play the split trax on a CD player and come out of the CD player with two connections, one-left and one-right; these two connections would go to the sound board into two separate channels. The person running the sound board could then regular the level of each channel–one for the music and one for the support choir voices. It is possible to turn the volume of the support choir voices all the way out of the mix by bringing the volume of the support choir voice channel all the way down to zero. In general, the level for the music and the support choir voices usually start at an equal level and then the live choir voices are mixed in with the support choir voices at whatever balance the director would like. Using the split trax format gives the choir an additional support and can be used on just the platform monitors coming back at the choir and not in the congregation or both the platform and the congregation, which is most ideal. Using the split trax format is understood by the director, the choir, and the sound personnel, and most often not detected by the congregation or audience who assume that the entire choir sound that they are hearing is from the live choir.

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