#31504L Never Have to Say Goodbye Again acc. trassxs CD: all 10


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1) I’ve Just Got To Tell You (Split Choral Trax)
2) The Day That Death Died (Split Choral Trax and Reprise)
3) It Should Have Been Me (Underscore for narration and Split Choral Trax)
4) Jesus, We Crown You With Praise (Split Choral Trax with choir on choruses and bridge)
5) Lord, We Remember You (Split Choral Trax)
6) To Christ Alone (Split Choral Trax)
7) Never Have To Say Goodbye (Stereo Instrumental Trax)
8) Out Of Your Hands (Stereo Instrumental Trax)
9) Gabriel’s Lips Are On The Trumpet (Stereo Instrumental Trax)
10) Lord, You Are So Good (Stereo Instrumental Trax and Reprise)

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